Jacky Leung

Mehran and his team were amazing in constructing our 5000sqft physical rehab clinic. It is honestly very hard to find a good contractor that goes above and beyond for their clients but Mehran definitely fills this bar with his project management skills.

Some examples
– Daily reno updates with pictures (unheard of in this industry!!).
– Mehran and his team are extremely responsive and will get back to you the day of.
– We already had our designs done for the space and Mehran was able to match it perfectly.
– Mehran will always protect his client’s interest, he fired one of his contractor because they delivered subpar performance (we really appreciate this because we did not notice it in the first place).
– Mehran did some extra work for us to make the space more functional and beautiful (at no charge!).
– They were able to build our space even through covid times! That is an accomplishment by itself.

We previously had bad experience with other contractors on two clinic buildouts but we were so happy with ICI contracting that we have already retained them for our next clinic expansion.

Give them a call and you won’t regret giving them a consideration (along with all the other good reviews I see). I don’t even mind being a reference for them if you have any doubts!

Services: TV mounting, Remodeling, Waterproofing, Tile work replacement, Drywall repair, Tile work installation, Paint indoors, Exterior painting, Refurbishment, Drywall installation, Repair flooring, Install flooring, Repair water fixtures, Fan installation, Painting, Flooring, Gutter cleaning, Plumbing fixture installation, Furniture assembly, Fan repair
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