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Most Beautiful Restaurants in The World

A restaurant may benefit just as much from having outstanding interior design as they do from having superb cuisine, beverages, and service. In this post, our list is compiled to show you some of the best restaurants construction in world. The majority of the places on this list have even been honored with medals for their respective interior designs. From Moscow to New York, we’re going to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes at some of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants that the world has to offer.

Best Restaurants Interior Design

You’ll have whole new respect for these magnificently designed interior spaces once you consider just how much goes into the design of the inside of a contemporary restaurant. See our selections of the top design concepts below by scrolling down.

H.R. Giger Museum Restaurant,Gruyères, Switzerland

Entering through its doors is like entering the immersive aesthetic world of Alien’s creator. The whole restaurant is a reflection of HR Giger’s distinctive artwork from floor to ceiling. With its bony-like characteristics, furniture also exhibits this biomechanical environment. The HR Giger Museum and the HR Giger Bar are both housed at the Château St-Germain in Gruyères. It has been open since 2003 and has a vaulted interior that resembles a cave with vertebrae-arched ceilings. If you want to see and eat at one of the best restaurants construction in world, H.R. Giger is for you!


The Jane Restaurant , Antwerp, Belgium

The old chapel of the Military Hospital is now home to one of the best restaurants construction in world – called the Jane. After being abandoned for years, the chapel and the surrounding area have undergone a comprehensive renovation. Piet Boon was in charge of the restaurant’s design, and he ensured that The Jane became a true treasure by working with many artists and designers.

All tables at the gastronomy restaurant The Jane, which is located on the ground level, offer a view of the open kitchen. There is a sizable wine selection that includes both fresh biological wines and vintage bottles from illustrious wineries. Jane’s Upper Room Bar is located on the ground level.

Ammo Restaurant, Hong Kong, China

AMMO is a modern European restaurant in Admiralty, Hong Kong, that serves outstanding cuisine and ambiance with an unbreakable connection between the art of eating and nature. AMMO was inspired by the surrounding botanical environment. If you visit Hong Kong, you should give Ammo a try because it is one of the beautifully decorated restaurants in Asia.

Le Pain Français, Gothenburg, Sweden

Le Pain Français in Gothenburg, Sweden, offers whimsical Parisian elegance. Stylt Trampoli created the inside of this wonderful French restaurant. The rather extravagant and diverse interior design is reminiscent of Jules Verne and Gustave Eiffel’s time, making it one of the best restaurants construction in world.

OZONE Bar, Hong Kong, China

At the renowned OZONE rooftop restaurant, a spectacular, blue-hued ambiance and sweeping Hong Kong panorama come together, making the diner one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. Sushi and maki are among the creative drinks and small meals that are offered while listening to a live DJ. The outside patio is the ideal location to see the city’s brilliant lights as the evening progresses.

Beauty & Essex, New York, USA

This Lower East Side treasure is a real Manhattan landmark with a cutting-edge style. Visitors enter Beauty & Essex via a modest contemporary pawn shop loaded with a wide variety of odd items before finding a big staircase with a two-story chandelier that leads into four unique dining rooms, two bars, a lounge, and an opulent women’s toilet. Given that Chef Chris Santos is a well-known innovator of the small, shared plate eating craze that has swept the United States, the menu is just as amazing. Beauty & Essex, without a doubt, is among the best restaurants construction in world.

Alchemist, Copenhagen, Denmark

Alchemist offers a unique dining experience, but the restaurant’s decor is also a visual treat. Alchemist is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world and a magnificent icon in Denmark’s capital city. A night at Alchemist may involve up to 50 separate tastes spread over three hours or more every sitting. The old Royal Danish Theatre was renovated by Studio Duncalf into a location suited for one of the best restaurants construction in world, replete with unique graffiti painting by Lady AIKO of New York.

Le Louis XV, Monte Carlo, Monaco

The chefs behind Le Louis XV in Monte Carlo, which has received a Michelin star, are Alain Ducasse and Dominique Lory. This magnificent restaurant draws its design cues from the Mediterranean diet, the romantic Riviera, and la dolce vita. It is located at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo and offers the best dining experience with one of the most spectacular wine vaults in the world.

White Rabbit, Moscow, Russia

The luxury restaurant – White Rabbit – has Vladimir Mukhin, one of the top chefs in the world, as well as unmatched city views and ultra-chic decor. With a little assistance from Valerij Lizunov, a past winner of the Architecture Prize, White Rabbit’s environment is both refined and carefree and is among the best restaurants construction in world.


Le Meurice: Paris, France

Another fantastic restaurant in the center of Paris is run by chef Alain Ducasse. The Salon de la Paix at the Château de Versailles served as inspiration for this 2 Michelin-starred restaurant, which is located in the storied hotel Le Meurice. It is a most royal setting for a once-in-a-lifetime lunch. If you want the experience, you should reserve your table in this unique restaurant design.

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