Construction Management Services in Three Phases

First Phase: Pre-tender Interview

Our construction management services will be accomplished in three phases to gather all the information and needs into consideration. Our project manager will be present at all design coordination meetings in order to be fully updated on all elements of the work and to provide advice, if necessary, about the influence that design choices will have on the total cost of the work. We will develop a preliminary critical path plan after talking with the customer and the design team. This calendar will contain all phases as well as the work of all sub-trades.

In order to achieve the projected timeline, we should be provided with guidance about any pre-ordering that may be necessary, as well as the development of a high-level budget based on preliminary designs. As each phase’s working drawings are finished, our design team will compile a list of subcontractors who will be asked to submit bids for the work, and they will submit this list for approval. These tasks will all be done in our first phase of construction management.

Phase Two: Tender

After our team has received all of the papers that have been issued for tender from the design team, they will develop an electronic tender that will be forwarded to at least three sub-trades for each division. This will mark the beginning of the second phase of our construction management services. After that, we will conduct an analysis of the sub-contract tender submissions and then provide our recommended actions to the design group for their assessment and approval. We will make certain that all contractors in the related industry have the necessary insurance as well as a workers’ compensation clearance certificate. And as the last step, we will submit the necessary paperwork to receive the construction permission.

Last Phase: Construction

At this point, the building process has only started. We must begin by completing all of the necessary start-up documents, followed by the creation of the daily log, the submission log, and the change notification log. During this stage, our team will be responsible for preparing and carrying out the trade sub-contracts. In addition, it is our duty to ensure that the CPM construction schedule is kept up to date, developed further, and completed and that an on-site safety station is established.

Our staff is responsible for providing full-time site monitoring throughout the life of the construction project, as well as coordinating any necessary municipal inspections that are needed for the issuance of permits. One of the construction management services that we provide is the organization of weekly site meetings with the contractors and the design team, as well as the creation and distribution of minutes from those meetings.

It is also our responsibility to guarantee that all of the work is completed on time by coordinating it and working more quickly. The Health and Safety Legislation requires us to be present in order to fulfill our responsibilities as the appointed safety representative, arrange for any necessary site safety inspections, and offer first aid services.