ICI Contracting will provide the following Construction Management services:

• After consulting with the client and design team, prepare preliminary critical path
schedule detailing all phases and all sub-trade work.
• Preparation of high-level budget based on preliminary drawings.
• Provide advice for any pre-ordering required to meet the proposed schedule.
• Our project manager will attend all design co-ordination meetings to keep fully
informed on all aspects of the work and if required advise on the impact of design
decisions on the cost of the work.
• As the working drawings are completed for each phase, a list of sub-contractors
invited to bid the work will be prepared for approval by the design team.

• Upon receipt of all Issued for Tender documents from the design team, ICI Contracting
will prepare an electronic tender, sent to at least three (3) sub-trades per division.
• Sub-contract tender submissions will be analyzed and our recommend actions
presented to the design group for review and approval.
• ICI Contracting will ensure all trade contractors have appropriate insurance
and workers compensation clearance certificate.
• ICI Contracting will apply for and obtain the building permit.

• Satisfy all required start-up documentation
• Initiate the Daily Log, Submittal Log and Change Notice Log.
• Trade sub-contracts will be prepared and executed by ICI Contracting.
• Update, develop and finalize the CPM construction schedule.
• Setup safety station on-site.
• Provide full time site supervision as required for the duration of the construction.
• Coordinate required city inspections for permit purposes.
• Arrange and chair weekly site meetings with contractors and the design team including
preparation and distribution of minutes.
• Coordinate and expedite all work to ensure on schedule completion.
• Arrange necessary site safety inspections. Provide first aid facilities and act as
designated safety representative as required by the Ontario Health & Safety