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Mehran is the founder and visionary of ICI Contracting. While he is armed with a strong engineering background in construction science, he is also a construction planner by nature. 
He started his carrier step by step. Initially, he was a construction coordinator with a local builder, and gradually he was promoted to a PM position. He continued with industry-leading contractors as a project manager for 100M+ projects. 2009 was the time when he determined his own business, and ICI contracting was born. In ICI Contracting, he has successful experience in personally managing the construction and renovation of 4.5 million square feet. 
Attention to detail, Sensitive to customer satisfaction and perfectionism, consistent results and longevity have distinguished him in the industry as a strong team leader and manager. 
He is a unique team leader who oversees and collaborates with all aspects of ICI Contracting in sales, marketing, business development and construction management.
The satisfied and repeated customer growth of 250% year-over-year has been the fuel to his tiredness mission of being your construction project Hero.

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