ICI Contracting will provide the following Project Management services:


The approved Designer/Project Manager will be responsible for coordinating with the Client to perform the following work:

1.1 Discuss needs and goals with the Client and establish clear lines of communication, representation, and co-ordination.

1.2 Establish with the Client a list of activities and develop an acceptable, detailed project schedule.

1.3 Survey the existing premises to obtain staff names, identify filing and storage requirements and identify special areas and equipment used or shared by your staff. This survey is to be verified by the Client. Conduct survey of existing furniture and equipment (to be re-used) in order to finalize the preliminary space plan.

1.4 Survey the new premises to identify any existing site conditions, discrepancies from the architectural plans and verify any critical dimensions.

1.5 Finalize the preliminary space plan and issue for the Client’s review and approval.
Approval is required in order to proceed with the next phase.

1.6 Liaise with mechanical, electrical, and other consultants required regarding the project (see Phase Ill item 3.2).

1.7 Review the space plans with regards to building bylaws, in order to ensure that all space plans meet the Ontario Building Code. Final approval rests with the local Department of Buildings and Inspections.

The Designer/Project Manager will be responsible for coordinating with the Client to perform the following work:

2.1 Discuss with the client regarding any corporate standards and corporate image that should be reflected in the design concept.

2.2 Provide sketches and elevations illustrating the design concepts for all key areas in the facility.

2.3 Provide samples showing proposed materials, finishes and colours as well as indicating locations for special finishes and details for final review. The Client approval is required to continue.

2.4 Together with the Client, prepare a revised budget estimate for all interior construction (materials, finishes and items such as custom millwork) for the Client’s evaluation


The Designer/Project Manager will be responsible for coordinating with the Client to perform the
following work:
3 Prepare and submit for the Client’s approval and signature, working drawings and specifications consisting of the following:

A. Demolition Plan indicating partitions and other items to be removed if required.

B. Furniture Layout indicating new furniture and existing furniture to be reused

C. Partition Plan indicating wall types, dimensions, door number, room identification, details, and notes.

D. Reflected Ceiling Plan for special lighting applications (e.g., Reception). Note: Electrical Engineer will be responsible for base building standard lighting layout throughout and the specification of special lighting fixtures. Electrical Engineer will verify fixture locations, numbers, and light levels.
E. Power, Telephone and Data Outlet Plan indicating locations of outlets and special requirements. Electrical Engineers will be responsible for electrical specifications.
F. Wall Finishes Plan showing location of wall coverings and paint colours.
G. Floor Finishes Plan showing locations of carpeting, ceramic/vinyl tile or stone flooring.
H. Project Detail Manual consisting of general notes, specifications, schedules, finishes
specifications and details for doors, coat closets, kitchen counters etc.
3.2 Liaise with mechanical and electrical engineering consultants required to produce engineering drawings and review all engineering drawings and specifications. The Client’s approval is required to proceed to the next phase.
3.3 The Designer will act as the design of record for the project and will provide the registered BCIN and the required designer information schedule for the permit application.


The Electrical and Mechanical Engineers will be responsible for coordinating with the Client to perform
the following work:
4.1 Survey of the premises to verify existing conditions.
4.2 Review of base building mechanical and electrical drawings including building standards
4.3 Attendance at a maximum of three (3) design meetings per discipline if required.
4.4 Preparation of mechanical and electrical tender drawings and specifications (on
4.5 Drawings shall be prepared using AutoCAD Release 2004/2006 format. Mechanical
documentation will address HVAC, plumbing, fire standpipe and standard sprinkler
4.6 Electrical documentation will address power distribution, circuiting, lighting, life safety
systems, and electrical rough-in, including conduit and/or raceways for telephone, data,
audio/video, and security systems.

4.7 Office administration of construction, including review of shop drawings, progress
drawings and “as-built” drawings.
4.8 Periodic site reviews and attendance at site meetings during construction complete
with written reports.
4.9 Site reviews shall be for the purpose of confirming compliance of construction with
contract documents and compliance with base building standards.
4.10 Preparation of a final deficiency report at substantial completion.


The Project Manager/General Contractor will be responsible for performing the following work:
5.1 In conjunction with designer and engineer prepared tender drawings/details,
preparation of all necessary documentation to trades for the tender call. Our standard
format for bid submissions will be used to ensure all bidders (3) submit bids based on
the same information.
5.2 Sub-contract tender submissions will be analyzed, and our recommendations
presented to the design group for review and approval. All tenders will be opened in
the presence of participating principals.
5.3 ICI Contracting will ensure all trade contractors have adequate insurance and workers
compensation clearance certificate.


The Project Manager is responsible for the following client representative activities:
6.1 The Designer will provide complete sets of drawings, detail manuals and engineering
drawings to the landlord for building owner approval.
6.2 Apply for the building permit with the City of Toronto on the Client’s behalf.
6.3 Establish an acceptable construction schedule.
6.4 Prepare and submit written documents as required for contract administration.
Review shop drawings, inspection reports and approve samples.
6.5 Co-ordinate with the Client and the Designer to ensure that the project follows the
accepted work schedule and to notify all parties of any changes or delays.

6.6 Provide one (1) weekly on-site inspection/site meeting during the construction
of the project as required, with the Designer, engineering, and other consultants
to ensure that work is in general conformity with the drawings and specifications
prepared by the Designer. The Designer will be responsible for preparation of all
design Addenda/Contemplated Change Notices/Notice of Change/Site
Instructions, as may be required for the Designer’s and engineering consultant’s
working drawings. The Project Manager will provide the necessary pricing for any
of the contemplated changes.
6.7 Notify the Client in writing if any work or progress does not conform to the
drawings and specifications prepared by the Designer.
6.8 The Project Manager will provide daily logs outlining the status of the project and the
responsibilities of the parties involved with the project.
6.9 Site meetings, weekly or otherwise, are to be attended by the consulting
engineers and other consultants as required. All site inspections, preparation of all
engineering Addenda/Contemplated Change Notices/Notices of Change,
documentation of deficiencies and documentation of completion of mechanical
and electrical work will be carried out by the mechanical and electrical, and other
6.10 At substantial completion, a written deficiency report will be submitted
by the Designer and reviewed by all parties. After completing the deficiencies
and outstanding items, the Project Manager will issue a Certificate of Substantial
Completion, Statutory Declaration and Workman’s Compensation Certificate. A
Close-Out Binder will be submitted to the Client upon completion of the project.