Project Management Services | 6 Stages Of Our Services for Managing Projects

Stage One; Space Drafting, Survey, and Analyzing

As the initial stage in our project management services, the following tasks will be performed by the customer in coordination with our authorized designer or project manager. These are just the initials of project management services.

  1. We ask our clients about their goals during a conversation and then establish lines of coordination, representation, and clear communication
  2. Together with the client, we’ll come up with an appropriate and detailed work list and schedule for the project
  3. We also conduct an assessment of the existing site to identify the staff, place the requirement for filing and storage, and identify any specialized areas or equipment that workers use or share. The findings of this survey will be confirmed by the client
  4. A survey of the existing furniture and equipment is required in order to complete the basic space design
  5. Our team conducts a site examination to find any pre-existing site issues, spots any differences from the architectural plans and verifies any critical measurements
  6. Our experts complete the preliminary floor design, and when the client has had a chance to review it, they send it to them for approval. The requisite parties’ permission is required in order to advance to the next step
  7. We keep in touch with any project-related mechanical, electrical, and other consultants as needed. To ensure that all of the floor plans comply with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, we compare the available space’s floor plans to the local zoning regulations
  8. The ultimate decision for permission rests with the neighborhood Department of Buildings and Inspections

Stage Two; Drawing The Concept Development

In the second stage, it will be the responsibility of our team, which specializes in project management services, to coordinate the performance of the following duties with the customer.

  1. They discuss with the client any business standards and corporate image that should be represented in the design idea. This discussion takes place before the design concept is created
  2. After that, the professionals who handle our project management services provide drawings and elevations that illustrate the design concepts for each of the facility’s most important parts
  3. They will offer examples demonstrating the planned materials, finishes, and colors, in addition to highlighting spots for specific finishes and details for the final evaluation. To go forward, authorization from the customer is necessary
  4. The next step is for our team to provide an updated budget estimate for the whole interior construction, including things such as materials, finishes, and goods such as bespoke millwork for the customer’s review. This step is done in collaboration with the client

Stage Three; Feasible Drawings and Engineering Liaison

As part of the third stage, it will be the responsibility of either our designer or our project manager to coordinate with the customer in order to carry out the duties listed below. Our offerings in project management services involve the creation of working drawings and specifications and their subsequent submission to the client for their approval and signing. These drawings and specifications comprise the following elements:

  • Demolition Plan
  • Furniture Layout
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Power, Telephone, and Data Outlet Plan
  • Wall Finishes Plan
  • Floor Finishes Plan
  • Project Detail Manual

The next step is for us to analyze all of the engineering drawings and requirements, as well as interact with the mechanical and electrical engineering experts who are needed to prepare engineering drawings. To go on to the next level, we will need to get clearance from the customer. In addition to acting as the design team of record for the project, our designer team will also provide the registered BCIN as well as the needed designer information schedule for the permit application.

Stage Four; Engineering Scope of Works

In stage four, our project management services include meetings with electrical and mechanical engineers to perform the tasks below:

  • Conducting an inspection of the property to ascertain the current state.
  • Examination of the mechanical and electrical drawings of the foundation building, in addition to the building standards handbook
  • Participation in no more than three design meetings across all disciplines unless otherwise needed
  • Preparation of tender drawings and specifications for both the mechanical and electrical aspects
  • The AutoCAD Release 2004/2006 format must be used in the preparation of the drawings. The mechanical paperwork will include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, standpipe fire protection, and conventional sprinkler systems
  • The documentation for the electrical system will include sections on power distribution, circuiting, lighting, life safety systems, and electrical rough-in, which may consist of conduit and/or raceways for telephone, data, audio/video, and security systems
  • Comprising the evaluation of shop drawings, progress drawings, and “as-built” drawings of the structure
  • During the building process, there will be periodic site evaluations as well as attendance at site meetings, along with written reports
  • Site reviews are to be conducted with the intention of ensuring that the construction is being done in accordance with the contract agreements and in accordance with the basic building standards
  • Preparation of a final report of deficiencies upon reaching a significant completion milestone

Stage Five; Tender Phase

Our project management services include the tender phase as well. During this stage of the project, it will be the responsibility of the project manager or general contractor to carry out the following work:

  • In collaboration with the designer and the engineer, we developed the tender drawings and details as well as all of the paperwork that was required for the trades for the tender call. In order to guarantee that each of the three bidders submits an offer based on the same information, our standard format for bid submissions will be used
  • The analysis of the sub-contract bidding submissions will be followed by the presentation of our suggestions to the design group for their inspection and approval. The opening of each and every tender will take place in the presence of the participating principals
  • Our contracting agents will make sure that all of the trade contractors have proper insurance as well as a workers’ compensation clearance certificate

Final Stage; Construction Management

In the last stage of project management services, our project manager is responsible for the following customer representative’s activities:

  • The landlord will get comprehensive sets of drawings, detail manuals, and engineering drawings from the designer in order to gain clearance from the building owner
  • On the customer’s behalf, he or she will submit an application to the City of Toronto for a construction permit
  • Creates a work schedule that is reasonable for the construction
  • Ensures that the necessary written documentation is prepared and turned in for the administration of contracts
  • Examines shop drawings and inspection reports and gives the go-ahead for sample approval
  • Maintains communication with both the customer and the designer to ensure that the project adheres to the agreed-upon work schedule and to keep all parties informed of any shifts in the plan or delays
  • During the construction of the project, our rep provides weekly on-site inspections or site meetings with the designer, engineers, and other consultants as necessary to verify that the work is in general accordance with the drawings and specifications produced by the designer. The designer is going to be in charge of preparing any design Addenda or Considered Changes that may be necessary for the designer’s and the engineering consultant’s working drawings
  • The manager of the project will provide the relevant cost information for any adjustments that are being considered
  • If any of the work being done or the progress being made does not comply with the drawings and specifications that were generated by the designer, the client will be notified in writing about it by the project manager
  • The project manager is responsible for providing daily logs that detail the current state of the project as well as the obligations of the various stakeholders participating in the project
  • Consulting engineers and any other relevant consultants are expected to be present at site meetings on a weekly or more frequent basis as necessary
  • At the point when substantial completion has been reached, the designer will provide a written defect report, which will then be examined by all stakeholders involved. The project manager will provide a Certificate of Substantial Completion, Statutory Declaration, and Workman’s Compensation Certificate after all of the flaws and remaining items have been addressed
  • Upon completion of the project – when our Project Management Services are finished – a Project Closeout will be sent to the client for their review