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Most Beautiful Offices in The World

We don’t often see the terms “luxury” and “work” together in the same phrase. However, other individuals find a little piece of paradise in coming to work every day. Some of the distinguishing features of the world’s most outstanding workplaces are sun-drenched atriums, expansive outside verandas, and cozily colored nooks. Here are some of the most luxurious offices in the world.

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Most Luxurious Offices In The World

From London to Los Angeles, there are lots of beautiful office designs that customers and staff may enjoy their time while there! In this post, we have tried to gather +6 most luxurious offices in the world.

Beats Electronics, California

This office, which measures 105,000 square feet in size, was designed by Bestor Architecture. Bestor wanted to move away from the “fun and games” of previous Southern California corporate design. The vivid pops of blue, turquoise and red are shown here to pay homage to the company’s saturated-color logo while still exuding a sense of global sophistication. From our perspective, Beats in California is not only one of the most luxurious offices in the world, but it also may be categorized as one of the biggest offices in the world as well.


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Coca-Cola, London

The office is located in a 1920s structure that has been renovated and spans more than 66,000 square feet. It has open-plan offices, flexible “hot” workstations, a café, a terrace, and conference spaces. The lobby has a 21-foot-tall comet-shaped work by MoreySmith that is made of more than 80,000 acrylics “ice pieces” hanging on ultra-fine wires and lit by LEDs, making the Coca-Cola building one of the most luxurious offices in the world.


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Red Bull, Amsterdam

The Montreal-based firm Sid Lee Architecture’s Amsterdam office designed Red Bull’s Amsterdam headquarters, which perfectly encapsulates the brand’s unique, young ethos. The building, which was formerly a shipyard, is a fascinating blend of industrial and aesthetic architecture. It also has strange elements like decommissioned Russian submarines and pictures of religious leaders performing karaoke in the toilets. All and all, Red Bull always offers things that you may fall in love with. Its offices around the world, if not considered the most expensive offices in the world, definitely are the most powerful offices in the world in terms of marketing and attracting Gen Z!

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Amazon, Seattle

The headquarters of Amazon are smack in the middle of Seattle, yet if you didn’t know, you might pass by without realizing it. Day 1 North and Day 1 South are the names of the primary structures because Amazon employees believe that their firm and the prospects provided by the internet are only getting started. The offices themselves are just as eccentric as you could expect: quite cozy, filled with reclaimed materials and plenty of art. Additionally, there are several dog facilities, highlighting how significant dog culture is to Amazon.

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Nokia, California

The Sunnyvale, California headquarters of Nokia are set up so that work may be done whenever and whenever inspiration strikes. There are just two health rooms, each with a shower and a resting place, and hardly everyone has their own permanent office. In addition, there are tiny conference rooms known as saunas that are surrounded by Douglas fir trees, and the majority of vertical surfaces, including touchscreens and whiteboards, are interactive, making this Finnish company’s HQ one of the most luxurious offices in the world.

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Slack, San Francisco

When constructing its San Francisco headquarters, which was greatly motivated by its CEO Steward Butterfield’s passion for the outdoors, Slack truly took the biophilia concept into consideration. Earthy tones and cactus were chosen to depict the Baja desert, while the library reflects a tranquil lake. Each floor is somewhat different than the next due to the irregularity of nature. Staff may also visit the base camp-themed lobby to schedule private meetings in any of the tent-shaped conference areas to arrange any impending projects! Slack’s HQ, without a doubt, is the most luxurious office in San Francisco.

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Google, Zurich

Zurich is always considered the most expensive office location in the world due to some facts. With a free food policy, conference pods designed like igloos, and a massage area, Google’s Zurich headquarters really has it all. This cutting-edge workplace also has a magnificent gaming area. Play a game of table tennis, a game of pool, or try your hand at the pinball machines to let your competitive side go wild. Google hoped to infuse their workplace with a sense of play and levity since they believed that team-building exercises encourage original thinking and innovation. Google headquarters in Zurich is among the most expensive office building in the world.

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Lego, Denmark

You probably have a good idea of what’s in high demand at the Lego headquarters in Denmark. The personnel may play with Lego as they work since the whole workplace was designed from the ground up to support inventiveness. Lego, a famous Danish company, has offered the most beautiful office buildings in the world, so the company may even attract the attention of people who are not familiar with Lego itself.

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Luxurious Offices Are Built By Super Talented Companies

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So many offices mentioned in this post were not luxurious enough at first; as time passed, the managers found out that they needed something to stand out from the crowd, that is an appealing-to-the-eye feature!

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